Nowadays, it is hard to imagine doing something that does not involve coding. Everything that runs has some type of code that makes it work. Coding, also known as programming, is what makes the world go round today and will continue to do so in the future.

It is no wonder that all the cool kids are coding…or should be coding. As Steve Jobs put it, “Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches an individual how to think.”

Most parents today would want their children to get involved in things that lead to careers that have something to do with computers, information and communication technology, animation, apps, gadget circuitry, etc. However, even outside the world of computers, gadgets and other hi-tech stuff, coding helps in the development of the thought processes that will be useful in all facets of life as that teaches kids to code

But how soon should children learn the rudiments of coding? Programming is no longer just the province of college guys in nerdy outfits who are addicted to sleep deprivation routines. Programming education can start as early as home-based play school. Introducing them to programming early on is not just to prepare them to become rock star programmers in their 20’s. It is currently a life skill that must be had in order to co-exist with a future that relies heavily on code.

Coding is like the automobile engine in the 20th century. It used to be so magical, it has to be hard and the mechanisms known only to the brightest minds. Today, everybody knows how an engine works and there is nothing magical about it already. Because of this, everybody knows how to use it, tinker with it and make life easier for a lot of people. In the near future, codes and programs will intrinsically be woven into our way of life (in fact it already is, to some extent) and all of us needs to know how it works and how to live with it.

In some cold winter nights, when there is simply nothing to do, parents can introduce their children to the world of computing using apps and learn to code game instead of the rubbish stuff on TV or those gaming junks. These coding games are designed for kids, and while these will not turn them into Silicon Valley billionaires overnight, this will definitely instill in them the basic knowledge and develop the proper mindset that will lead them to love coding.  

One of these games is the machinist-fabrique. It is a game that teaches coding for children (and adults too). It is an educational puzzle game where the player learns the basics of programming while at the same time enjoy what they are doing.


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