Buy Machinist-Fabrique currently available for windows

Get One For Yourself single license

  • Includes one Machinist-Fabrique license
  • Learn to code

Get One Give One double license

  • Includes two Machinist-Fabrique licenses
  • You save $8.95
  • Learn to code and help someone

Get One Give Ten 11 licenses package

  • Includes 11 Machinist-Fabrique licenses
  • You save over $120
  • Learn to code and help many

Download Machinist-Fabrique Trial Edition

There’s a free trial version of Machinist-Fabrique

Windows: Download

Minimum requirements

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.
  • Latest Direct X version, click here to download.
Mac: Planned, but let us know if you’re interested!
Linux: Planned, but let us know if you’re interested!
Older (Windows XP): Windows XP Version

Minimum requirements

  • Windows XP.
  • OpenGL 3.0 driver.

4 thoughts on “Buy Now The Game That Teaches Kids To Code

  1. Hi,
    I played the demo a bit.
    I tried to add French by modifying the levels/*.xml files.
    I was able to turn swedish into French, but unable to add French as a third language. I could not find any tag regarding available languages anywhere. Are the two avalable languages option hardwired into the exe file ? Is there no way to add a third language in the language option ?

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