Be the Machinist and reprogram the machines that power Fabrique

Machinist-Fabrique is a game (currently PC only) where you solve puzzles by creating programs. All coding is done through drag and drop – there’s no typing involved. You create programs that control machine components (elevators, punchers, flip-floppers, see-saws, claws etc). As you progress, you’ll learn about things like loops, variables and conditional statements. But most of all, you’ll be solving puzzles!

The game is aimed at teaching children to code, but it’s fun and challenging for adults too.

“Learning how to code means understanding how the technology surrounding us works. But perhaps more important than that, it teaches structured problem solving and analytical thinking – which is important in all aspects of our lives. Having a deeper digital understanding will improve a child’s chances and options in the future” / Paula

The programming interface is modeled after Scratch so there’s a natural progression going forward. The game currently boasts over 60 levels which introduce a great number of different programmable components and programming concepts. The game was requested by Paula, wife of the developer, to teach their kids to code because the threshold to entry was too high for all other offerings.

“All other offering I looked at required an adult who knew a bit of programming and we wanted to create something for those who don’t have access to that. We wanted to create a game that contained its own teacher. Every single level has a narrated walk through (they’re youtube movies) that explains how the level can be solved and why it should be solved that way.” / Paula

Machinist-Fabrique is designed to be super easy to get into, but offer depth as you master the levels – so now the main beta tester of Machinist-Fabrique is their 10 year old son. Each level actually comes with a narrated walk-through to explain the concepts, should you chose to watch them. The game cost $14.95 – but it’s FREE for group teaching events.

Story: The long abandoned factory became the home creatures in need of shelter and it became the city of Fabrique. Along came the Doctor and created weird and wonderful machines to power the city. Long after the doctor had left, a solar storm scrambled the programs for all the machines. Again the citizens of Fabrique lived in darkness. Along came the  Machinist (a little robot) and starting reprogramming the machines. You can play that robot! See a film version here: .


  • Interactive graphical programming

  • Physically simulated environment

  • Over 60 levels with narrated walk through movies – so you’ll never get stuck

  • Learn about events, operations, loops, variables, conditional statements and structured problem solving

Machinist-Fabrique is now available for purchase from our site

Contact: Mattias Fagerlund – we send out free full versions to people doing press evaluations

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Twitter: @learntocodebiz



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