The craze for learning how to code has been in existence for a while now. But what exactly is coding? How does the entire process work and what could you get from it?

Basically, coding is that one element that enables people to create programs such as computer software, apps, and websites. Other great examples are the browser that you go to, the operating system your computer has, the apps on your phones and tablets, Facebook, and a variety of websites. You can do all these things with the help of that teaches kids to code

Parents, this article is about ensuring the future of your kids in the field of coding.

One of Facebook’s early engineers, Makinde, has explained that coding is actually more about the process of breaking down problems than coming up with complicated algorithms. You might think that as they’re still very young, your children can’t possibly cope with the ‘complexity’ that the world of coding has to bring. You might think that the study of code is only applicable to people who are adults, those who are old enough and have a more developed mind to comprehend it.

To an extent, this idea is true. But the good news is that there is a very basic and easy way for your children to adapt to the process of coding. How, you ask? It’s simply through a learn-to-code game.

Yes, all you have to do is to make your kids play a game that teaches coding. They simple have to learn-to-code game and they can start picking up that process and be able to keep up with it.

You do not want your kids to be deprived of the joy of childhood. While you want them to learn, you also want them to enjoy their time as children. Childhood is simply all about playing, being happy, and being young, and if you have that goal to discipline them very strictly with being smart and you want to push them over the limit by feeding them all these complex books and other educational stuff, you might cross the line and might as well deprive them of their happy early years.

Truly, there are games out there that will help them think. Actually, games are very helpful for absolutely anybody. It has been proven that gamers have developed decision-making skills over a certain amount of time spent on playing video games. All you have to know is that there is a game that teaches kids to code with puzzles, and it is all your kids need to learn how to code at an early age.

There are important reasons on why you need a learn-to-code game for your kids. One is that games are fun. With the short attention span that children naturally have, gaming is the only method of learning that you would want to apply to them so that they show greater interest in it. With gaming, the process they pick up and the knowledge they absorb stick to them longer and deeper, because they know that while acquiring all these things, they are enjoying.

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Three Ways To Enjoy Time Teaching Kids To Code

Learning how to code has a lot of benefits, and this fact alone is enough to know that everyone needs to learn how to code. A lot of programmers and computer technicians have described the ability to code as the “closest thing to having super powers”.

There are, in fact, a number of things you can do with coding: You can create your own websites, program gadget apps, design websites, and even start a technology business. But the coolest and most important benefit above all is probably having the ability to understand the world of technology.

Many people say that everyone needs to learn coding, and that is true on many levels.Children or adults, computer specialists or not – no matter who you are or what you do, coding will be very helpful for that teaches kids to code

Wouldn’t it be fun to learn to code for kids?

Perhaps you have already heard somewhere about a coding game for kids. And you now know the first solid step in securing your children’s future with a great job in the field of coding. But wouldn’t your kids’ learning be more fun if you, the parents, can learn with them? Wouldn’t it be great to learn coding yourself and develop coding skills together with your children? You can learn to code for kids, and here are three ways of enjoying your time teaching your children.

  1. Play with your kids

While it is a good idea for your children to learn on their own, it’s always better for them to have your guidance as they start their learning process. Kids will always need a teacher in everything they want to learn how to do the first time.

Be with them during the first moment they play the coding game for kids – this will be their introduction to the world of coding. Once they grasp the process and pick up routine of the game, try to leave them on their own so they can experiment. But make sure to play with them from time to time so that you both learn.

  1. Observe the game’s details and relate them to things that happen in daily life

A coding game for kids, like Machinist-Fabrique, is family-friendly and might seem very basic and easy, but it’s all that a beginner will need in taking the first step in learning how to code. In Machinist-Fabrique you solve puzzles. There are tools you can use as code concepts and you can program machines.

The gameplay consists of vibrantly animated machines that are either spinning or tilting (or rising up and down). Try to observe these little details and think of something that you see or do daily with your kids. You can point this out to them and say that it looks like something in the flea market you often go to, or that it’s exactly what the evil character uses or does in their favorite cartoon show.

  1. Don’t forget rewards

They don’t need to be given one every single time, but make sure you reward your children (and even yourself) from time to time. Playing games is such a fun thing to do. It is challenging and it always triggers you to take everything onto the next, harder level. And for every level that you get on, there is always a mission. As you get past a level, the goal becomes bigger. And once you and your children accomplish that certain goal, why not reward yourselves an ice cream or something you guys have been craving for?

Rewards are great stimuli to do more, and when you give rewards, you’ll always feel determined to try and learn more with the coding game.

Follow these three simple tips and have an enjoyable time teaching your lovely little ones how to code!