5 Tips to Getting Your Kids to Learn to Code Successfully

Coding, or computer programming, is a fun but complex and, sometimes, annoying process which causes majority of headaches and migraines in programmers. Computers can be found in almost all sectors of the community. You can find them in practically every company, office and home. As such, computer-related skills, coding included, are becoming an asset. Learning how to code has now become as important as learning how to read, write and compute.  However, learning how to code is not an easy task. It takes focus and dedication to understand and formulate codes that work properly.

Fortunately, there are computer programs available that make learning how to code easy and fun to children. The Machinist Fabrique game, for one, is a popular coding game for kids. Another computer game that teaches programming to kids is Scratch. These programs enable kids to play while learning how to use codes in the process.game that teaches kids to code

Some parents, on the other hand employ other learning methods such as using easy to understand and child-friendly books about coding. There are a number of different ways of teaching coding to kids. That being said, these ways are useless if they cannot stir the interest of children. Below are 5 simple tips that can help parents get their children interested in learning how to code.

1. Show your children that coding is fun. A coding game for kids is a fun and effective way of teaching. It is up to parents to reinforce this idea in kids. Show them that these programming games will enable them to fabricate and manipulate a wide array of computer generated objects. Give them puzzles and challenges that are solved using program codes. The Machinist Fabrique game for example, is acomputer puzzle game that teaches programming to kids by enabling children to solve puzzles and obstacles by manipulating different codes.

2. Learn the basics of coding. Children are inherently inquisitive and curious. They have questions about almost everything that they may find interesting. Coding has many principles and concepts that your children may find complicated and confusing. Your child may also have some questions regarding the mechanics of a coding game for kids. As parents, it is your responsibility to answer these questions accurately and honestly. A little information about this and that can go a long way in performing this role.

3. Ask for help from experts. Kids of programmers have a higher chance of learning code than kids of non-programmer parents. As such, non-programmers will have a hard time explaining coding concepts that they know little about. Fortunately for them, there are a number of programmers who are willing to teach you and your children about programming.

4. Encourage social interaction. Encourage your child to play a game that teaches programming with their friends. Encourage all your children to play with each other. Learning is more effective and fun when done with others.

5. Play with them. Children consider their parents as role models. Majority of them imitate the words and actions of their parents. For example, learn and play the Machinist Fabrique game with them. Show them that you are also interested. Show them that learning is as important and as interesting to you as it is to them.

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game that teaches kids to code

7 Lifetime Benefits of Teaching Coding Games for Kids to Your Kids

Teaching your children coding at an early age can give them several advantages later on in the future. Here are some of the many benefits they can get from learning how to code through coding games for kids:

  1. Learning how to code improves some of the traits that they will need in the future.

Teaching kids to code is a great way to develop several positive traits: quick-thinking, creativity, and many others. These traits will greatly improve their chances of getting a high-paying job on well-known companies in the future.

  1. Learning to code at an early age can help improve their problem-solving skills.

Not only does it foster positive traits, learning to code also improves their analytical skills when facing problems. They will be able to think more logically, which can be a boon for them when facing stressful situations.

  1. Learning to code using coding games is fun and exciting, which may spark their interest in coding.game that teaches kids to code

It is a fact that kids hate to study. After all, why would they spend their time studying when they can play with their friends?

Coding games, however, grant them both fun and knowledge. Using coding games to learn coding for kids can entice them into trying out coding for the first time. They may find some of these games enjoyable, that they would rather play with these games rather than play with their friends.

  1. It helps them become more fluent with technology.

Technology has helped mankind advance from humble beginnings. Technology still plays an important role on development, and due to this, we need our children to have knowledge of the technology around them. By earning this knowledge at an early age, they can make use of technology in other ways we never thought to be possible, thus hastening our progress into the future.

  1. Children aged 5-6 are more inclined to remember what they learn during that age.

According to experts, 5-6 year olds are at the psycho-social development stage, which allows them to quickly absorb what they learn. By making use of a coding game to make them learn coding, you give them an invaluable tool they can use later on in the future.

  1. Coding is the new language of the world.

As mentioned above, technology is all around us. As such, learning computer language can prove to be very beneficial. Those who have learned how to code at an early age will be able to land a job of their choosing facing little to no difficulties.

  1. The need for programmers is rising exponentially every year.

Every year, the demand for more programmers is ever-increasing. In fact, this year, there are millions of programmers all around the world yet the demand hasn’t been met yet. As it is a highly-demanded job, even a student with limited knowledge in programming can land a job even without them looking for a job actively!


Try to teach your kids coding at an early age. Not only will they benefit from learning coding at a young age, but you too, as their parent, will benefit from the gift of knowledge you have given them.

Test drive the Machinist Fabrique game or purchase here and try for your family how much fun the game that teaches kids to code is.

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game that teaches kids to codeProgramming Game for Kids Checklist

Programming games are a great way to teach kids a lesson or two about coding. With the right games, you can entice children to take up a course on programming and coding once they reach college.

However, with so many programming games out there in the market, it’s hard to find the right game that will fit the bill. Here are the some things you need to take into consideration when looking for the right programming game for your children:

  1. It Should Be Fun.

Kids like to have fun. That’s a known fact. As such, when choosing the right programming game for kids, the first thing you should look out for is if it is fun and entertaining. You don’t want them to get bored within a few hours of playing or so, or else they will lose their interest entirely and may put them off from learning how to code.

Some good examples of fun games are board games such as Code Monkey Island and Robot Turtles and computer games like Lightbot and Lightbot Jr. and Robozzle.

  1. It Should Be Challenging.

There are people who like to face tough challenges. These people enjoy solving hard-to-solve puzzles and find solutions to even the most impossible questions. If your child is one, then giving him a programming game that can tickle his brain may be a good way to teach computer programming for kids.

Of course, it shouldn’t be too challenging or too hard. Remember that they are just kids wanting to have fun, and not university students just yet. Examples of fun yet challenging games are SpaceChem and Ludos, both of which are available on both PCs and mobile devices.puzzle game that teaches kids to code

  1. It Should Have a Good Storyline.

Another thing that interests kids is a good storyline. Kids like books that take them to a fantasy world, and a programming game that has a good storyline can make that happen. Having this element in the programming game you choose can motivate them further into learning how to code.

Codemancer and Machineers are great examples of programming games for children that have good storylines. Both of these games are available on PC and mobile devices.

  1. Extra tip: It should promote cooperation.

Programming can be done solely, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need the help of others. To complete huge projects, you will need the cooperation of other programmers working with you. Therefore, learning how to work cooperatively at an early age is vital.

Again, SpaceChem and Ludos can help them learn how to cooperate with other people, as there are tough puzzles in those games and they will surely require the help of an adult or another kid interested in learning coding.

There are thousands of programming games that you can get for your kids. Choosing the right one for them, however, may be a challenge for you. Keep these three things in mind and you will find the best game for your kids that will keep them entertained for hours while they learn how to program.

Check out our game that teaches kids to code called Machinist Fabrique on the free trial section and see for yourself just how much fun it can be for the whole family.